I am a software developer who lives in Ladysmith, BC.

While I currently work as a front-end developer, I try to work as close to fullstack as is possible. I am proficient with building REST APIs and using/modelling data with SQL databases and have some proficiency with document databases. For front-end work, I stick as close as possible with component-based frameworks such as React, Svelte and Vue, though I have had worked with MVC-based frameworks in the past including Ember.

I spent a lot of my energy on frontend testing. I still find it as a discipline to be both flimsy and needed as our applications become increasingly complex.

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Programming Areas of Interest

  1. JavaScript/TypeScript (2014)
  2. Ruby on Rails (2016)
  3. Python (2014)
  4. Rust (2021)
Portrait of Brian
Casual winter hike at Heart Lake.