I decided to install a small fountain the other month. Thanks to the generousity of friends and neighbours, we accumulated many of the parts from a motor to a bucket contraption that receives the device. Here, I learned a quick lesson on patience.


Initially, the water that came out was cloudy and appeared muddy. This was due to the silt that found its way into the bucket below as well as the fountain proper. I was conflicted. The quick solution would be to take it apart and clean it by hand, add more water and try again.

I didn't do that.

Instead, I waited and let the system work for a day. The silt eventually settled on the bottom, and the fountain continues to look pretty. A finished small project that took less than a few hours. Sometimes it makes more sense to have confidence in your work and to let the finished product live in the world than to rebuild the entire thing from the ground up at the first sight of something going wrong. A contrast to the natural urges of some JavaScript developers to rewrite the entire codebase.